Pediatric Physical Therapy

pic1While I have always been described as a people person, I tend to form a bond with children and many of my clients would say that I am a kid magnet. For me, there is no greater joy than helping children with physical limitations reach milestones that neither they nor their parents dreamed they would reach. I have found that so much communication occurs through nonverbal actions, and this can be especially true of children experiencing mobility issues. Each child that I work with has a passion to move beyond their current limitations and seeing their drive and understanding the need for them to be able to experience a new “normal” motivates me to give a piece of my heart and all of my effort to help them achieve their goals of living a fulfilling life without mobile restrictions.

pic4I have had countless memorable experiences working as a pediatric physical therapist. However, the one that will always stand out in my mind is the first time a 7 year old boy who had never stood before was placed into his own s
tanding frame. Seeing his eyes light up because “Batman” now had legs, as well as the tears filling his mother’s eyes, was not only incredibly fulfilling, but it brought a sense of joy to me that can only come from allowing families to see their loved ones go beyond the impossible.