Additional Physical Therapy (PT) Services

I believe that being a dedicated physical therapist means offering versatile services and going wherever my clients need me. That is why Get Cruising Physical Therapy strives to provide a wide array of physical therapy services all over Michigan. Please feel free to contact me if you do not see what you are looking for listed below.

  • Home Therapy Services: I understand that traveling is not always a convenient option for many of my clients. I take pride in being able to offer professional and personal therapy services within the comfort of your home. This includes providing complete evaluations and documentation with ICD10 and CPT codes. I also evaluate any durable medical equipment needs, including adjustments for what you currently have in place or any changes that need to be made in the home.  In addition, I work one-on-one with you to create a specialized exercise program for your loved one to help you and your family receive the full benefits of therapy within your home.
  • Individual Consulting Services: I always encourage current and prospective clients to never underestimate the value of a second opinion. Part of good physical therapy involves hearing the different options available to you. I work with you to figure out durable medical equipment needs for the home, work, and school environment and sit down with you to figure out the best way to get you or your loved one where you want to be.
  • Education and Seminars: When it comes to physical therapy, knowledge is power. I truly enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with other therapists or professionals who are looking to make significant changes in the therapy their clients are receiving. The training and seminars that I conduct go over the proper use, evaluation, documentation and evidence for the use of durable medical equipment and other assistive technology within homes, schools, and other areas of the community.
  • Contract Services with School Systems: As a pediatric physical therapist, helping schools properly accommodate disabled students is essential. My experience with SXI, POHI, MoCI, Centerbased and Outreach programs gives me the ability to offer in school contract services. In addition, I offer consulting services that include helping implement the use of specialized equipment within the school setting including seating, standing and gait training devices.